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Science is a creative endeavor that benefits from the broadest possible range of viewpoints. Our lab welcomes scientists from all backgrounds, races, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, and abilities. We realize every scientist is different and are committed to providing the resources needed for all students to find success and fulfillment. 


There is a long history of restriction, exclusivity, and inequality in academia as a whole, and in STEM fields specifically, that persists today. Overcoming ingrained biases and systematic exclusion in academia requires a sustained effort, and will not happen without the full engagement of the scientific community. Bias is present throughout the educational system and requires action at all levels. We are working to improve inclusivity in our laboratory, department, and community. 


Our group is involved in efforts to improve the climate in the Chemistry department at UC Berkeley. You can read about some of those efforts here. Chrissy Stachl in Prof. Anne Baranger’s group at UC Berkeley is working to improve sense of belonging in research-focused STEM departments; we encourage you to check out her research here and consider how your own department can benefit from her findings. Our group is also currently involved in the following initiatives to improve diversity in science. If you would like to learn more or get involved, please click the links below:


Expanding Your Horizons

Bridges to Baccalaureate

The CGLC/Diversity and Inclusion Focus Groups

Women in Chemistry Initiative

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